Shipping Instructions
  • First – empty your book of any loose personal objects like bookmarks, photographs, etc.

  • Find a box that will give you at least 2” of space all around the book (top and bottom also).

  • Wrap your book in a plastic bag like you get at the grocery store –make sure there is no food or liquids on it.

  • DO NOT tape anything to your book!

  • Pack the book snugly in the box with peanuts, bubble wrap, newspaper, etc.  Make sure there is no movement of the book when you give the box a light shake.

  • Along with your book, please put in a card with your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and any other instructions for me.

  • I recommend shipping U.S. Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.  That way it spends as little time in the post office and we have a way of keeping track of it in route.

  • UPS is also fine (not their overnight), just make sure you get a tracking number.

  • Insuring the package will be up to you, but let me know if you want it insured on its return trip.