Prices listed are to be used for estimation purposes only. The exact cost of a job is determined once the book is evaluated by the bookbinder. Additional costs like re-sewing a text, paper repair, corner repair, etc. may also apply to the job cost.

General Restorations (cloth/leather re-backs)

Cloth restoration (5”-9” book) $100

Leather restoration (5”-9” book) $200

Cost will vary with the size of the book.

Family Bible Restorations

Price includes the photocopying of genealogy pages (when possible) and the addition of up to 3 blank genealogy pages.

Cloth family Bible (12”x10”x2”) $250 & up

Leather family Bible (12”x10”x3”) $500 & up

Cost will vary with excessive height and/or thickness.

New Covers

Personal Bibles (hard or soft cloth cover)

New cover (includes new spine titling & a one line name) $90

New cover with cover on-lay $125

New Cover with rounded spine (5”-9”)

Full cloth $90 Full leather $300

¼ cloth $120 ¼ leather $175

¾ cloth $150 ¾ leather $250

Thesis Bindings (8 ½“x 11”; text up to 1 ¾ “)

Thesis (price includes sewn text) $70

Price will vary with the size of pages and thickness of text.

Protective Enclosures

Slip case $75 & up

Clamshell boxes (full cloth)

Up to 6” tall $90

6”-9” tall $120

9”-12” tall $150

Clamshell boxes (leather) (up to 9” tall)

Full leather $275

¾ leather $250

¼ leather $175

Boxes for family Bibles need to be individually measured for cost estimate. There is an additional $40 charge for the double-wall structure these boxes need to compensate for the weight of the Bible.

Portfolios (full cloth) Price includes corners to hold document.

Up to 6” tall $75

6”-12” tall $90


Re-hinging text $60

Re-sewing text $50 and up