Personal Bibles

Personal Bibles seem to be the most well used book. Since these books were not meant for hard use they tend to fall into disrepair. There are two options for those who wish to keep their trusty bible and give it new life.

Maddox 2 Maddox after 6

If a Bible cover has special meaning, a new cover can be made and the original cover and spine can be on-layed. This allows the owner to have a new sturdy cover while still having the cover they are fond of. It can also take care of any sewing problems or torn pages the book may have.

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The second option for these books is an entirely new cover. There is a variety of imitation and real leathers to choose from. The title is stamped in gold on the spine and cover. This is also a good time to personalize your bible with your name on the cover.

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