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A family Bible can be one of the most valued heirlooms. In most cases, they are over a hundred years old and carry the history of the family between their covers. Unfortunately, the leather used on these large Bibles was tanned with harsh chemicals (especially leather from the 19th-mid 20th century).

These chemicals have substantially reduced the long life of good leather. For this reason the most common problem among these Bibles is the detachment of the covers and spine.

A similar problem also occurs with the cloth family Bible. Although these tend to be smaller and lighter, they still tend to lose their covers. This problem is caused from thin, loosely woven cloth that does not have the inherent strength needed to last for generations. Modern bookbinding cloth is thicker and more tightly woven giving it the strength needed for frequent and long use.

In the case of the personal Bible, they simply wear out from frequent and hard use. Over time the personal Bible has also become a student’s notebook with margins filled with handwritten notes that would not easily transcribe to a new Bible.

There is also the heirloom Bible that belonged to one’s ancestor that can not be replaced, but has deteriorated through time. In either case the text and the original covers can be saved.